Pre-natal Paintings!

The beauty of a pregnant woman should be cherished, and if you’re a fan of art then why not paint that bump!?  Prenatal paintings are a perfect way to get a fun memory and great photos that you can cherish long after the baby comes.



I recently got to paint another awesome project for my favorite photographer, Mark Wearsch.  You don’t even have to guess at the theme for this shoot!  Even though it’s technically not body painting, these ladies ROCKED IT, and the photos turned out awesome!

KISS Band Models KISS Models Sexy KISS Sexy KISS Sexy KISS Sexy KISS painting KISS

Sunset Rose

I spent the last 4 days at a Face & Body Painting convention where I learned all kinds of new tips and tricks.  I was lucky enough to get to body paint in one of my classes and I am loving how she turned out!  Here is my Sunset Rose…


This is a terrible picture of me!   But it was a long day and no matter how bad I looked, at least my model was fabulous!

Sweet like Sugar Skulls….

Recently I had the honor of working again with the very talented Mark Wearsch of Wearsch Photography.  This is my second time painting up one of his models as a Sugar Skull, and he captured the work beautifully!  Sugar skulls have become one of my favorite things to paint… the intricate details make this style of art complex, but also stunning.  I’m SO excited to share these new pics with you!  Take a look!

w2599 w2573 w2532 w2569 w2657 w2799 w2730

And here’s a few behind the scenes photos…

w2488 w2494 w2509

Independence Day Body Paintings

I was hired by 2one5 Ent. and the Bar Code in Lorain to body paint the shot girls for their big 4th of July party.  It was a very cool night, with some great girls and fun painting.  I know the party crowd loved the theme!

Bar Code Models Happy 4th of JulyBig Star Flag Shirt American Eagle Stars & Swirls American Proud Made in USA

Looking to add a little spice to your party?  Body painting is truly unique and always one of a kind!

Butterfly Fantasy

My last piece from the Fashion Week Glam Jam, and definitely my favorite!  Butterfly Fantasy… my model was amazing, the painting turned out just like I’d planned, and that HAIR!  Ken from Kreate Studio was the mastermind behind that amazing style!  Love Love Love this piece!!!



And to top off the recap of the Glam Jam are a few group shots of the amazing Body Painting team!  We ROCKED the Glam Jam!



Music Man

This piece was INTENSE, let me tell you!  He is a collaboration between myself and CJ Benware of CJ’s Face & Body Art.  We wanted to paint a piece that represented Music and especially the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musicians.  Now, there are way too many inductees to paint them all, so we chose some of the ones we felt are the most influential and recognizable for our piece.  CJ tackled the front of the design while I painted the back.  It took 6 hours to get this done!  Our model was fantastic, and a definite trouper for standing 6 hours straight while we painted him!




Earth Angel

Well the Fashion Week Cleveland Glam Jam was a HUGE SUCCESS!!!  It was absolutely exhausting (I painted for 12 hours straight!), but totally exhilarating!  And I am IN LOVE with the work I did!  Even with the pressure and tight schedule, I’m very happy with how it all turned out.

This first piece is called Earth Angel… she was my installation model, which was painted live durring the cocktail hour of the Glam Jam.  I had the least amount of time with her (a little less than an hour!), but I think she turned out beautiful even with the quick paint job!  Let me know what you think!


Fashion Week Glam Jam 2013!

I have been working on some exciting new body paint designs that will become reality tomorrow at the Cleveland Fashion Week GLAM JAM!  I’m so honored to be a featured artist at this event for the second year in a row, and I hope you have the opportunity to come see the exciting artwork that will be walking the catwalk!  Hopefully pics will be posted quickly!  Wish me luck!

Glam Jam 2013

March 2013 Fashion Show paintings

Hello all, I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted any new body paintings, but you are in for a treat… I am finally able to post the photos from the Chocolate & Champagne Ball of Fashion that I body painted for in March!  I had two lovely models who did a great job.  And this upcoming weekend I will once again be body painting for the Cleveland Fashion Week Glam Jam!  I am SUPER excited for this years event, as we’ve got some amazing designs planned for the runway this year!  More details soon!  For now, enjoy these lovely photos…